Welcome to our Church family throughout this Benefice

St Andrew's, Blagdon - St Hugh's, Charterhouse - St Michael's, Compton Martin - St Bartholomew's, Ubley

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Worship this Week - Easter V

Sunday 15th May

  • 10:15am - Sunday Eucharist, St Andrew's, Blagdon

Monday 16th May

  • 8:40am - Morning Prayer, St Bartholomew's, Ubley

  • 9:15am - Intercessions Group, St Bartholomew's, Ubley

Tuesday 17th May

  • 10:15am - Mini Melodies, a toddler group, St Andrew's Blagdon

Wednesday 18th May

  • 8:40am - Morning Prayer, St Michael's, Compton Martin

  • 5:00pm - Evensong, St Andrew's, Blagdon

Thursday 19th May

  • 8:40am - Morning Prayer, St Andrew's, Blagdon

  • 12:00pm - In the Spirit of Iona, online via Zoom

The 10:15am Eucharist on Sunday 15th May will be at St Michael's, Compton Martin

What's on 

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in May
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