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Faith - no sedative 


Fatih is not a solution to life, it is a way of living it.  


Fatih does not free us from perplexity 

or even our share of the agony, 

it rather affirms the meaning of our life and, 

through the struggle, 

gives us some assurance of God with us 

in the middle of all that mess.


Faith does not by-pass human destiny, 

it opens wider 

and offers us abundant life.  

Abundant life does not mean trouble-free, 

painless, anodyne life, 

it means life lived to the full, 

sharing its mysteries, its agony 

and its beauty.  


So when we search for the clues of faith, 

we are not likely to find large doses of serenity 

(though I hope we shall find some); 

we shall find the inner courage and love 

necessary to face the future 

in the way Christ would have us travel.

Bishop Jim Thompson

Sadly all our church buildings are now closed until further notice


Please continue to pray. We hope to maintain contact with our Church family and our communities through newsletters and other digital means. Please let us know of anyone who is struggling to access these so that we can find ways to support them.

And, if you are struggling or can’t pray, our priest Simon, along with our two prayer groups, will be praying for you, the neighbourhood we live in, and the world.  

Our Church family takes its responsibilities for health and safety very seriously.  Please click here for the Diocese advice regarding the COVID-19.
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